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5 Helpful Hints for Setting up

Your Home Office

        Setting up your home office correctly is
the first step in creating a successful telecommuting
program. Your home office should be designed to
maximize productivity without sacrificing comfort.
It must be equipped with the right technology and
should have plenty of storage space. Follow the steps
we have outlined here to help you create the ideal home
office environment.

Location is Key
This office is where you will be spending the bulk of your day; therefore,
its location is crucial. This must be a space where you can focus and work
efficiently without distractions. Consider the size and location of the space.
How much room do you need?

How big will your desk/work area be? Do you work better with a window
nearby? Maybe you want your office to be near a child’s nursery so you can
keep a close eye on your youngster. Remember though that you may need
to shut the door and isolate yourself when a deadline is approaching. Also
consider the layout of your home. Does this room heat up during the day?
Does the air conditioning work well in here? Part of being productive is
being comfortable in your setting.

Find Yourself a Comfortable Chair
This one may sound silly at first, but if you think
about spending eight to nine hours a day in this chair you
will quickly realize how importance of being
comfortable. Find a chair that provides
sufficient support and allows for good posture.

Being comfortable in your office setting will help quell the
temptation to head downstairs to the living room sofa. Set yourself
up for success and create an environment that encourages you to be

Wire, Connect, communicate
Communication is key to successfully
telecommuting. You must be able to
communicate with both your clients and
your boss. Being available
by phone, email or videoconference is
crucial to establishing trust with your

Make sure your cell phone’s reception is strong in the home office and have a landline as backup. Be sure your internet connection is strong and consistent. Have an emergency plan in place in case your internet goes down. You can ask to use a neighbor’s network or head to your nearest Starbucks. Consider having a scanner, fax machine and webcam. Realize that without solid communication lines, you are of little use to your employer.

Treat Your Home Office like an Office
You are a professional and it is important to remember that.
Although you now work at home, your office must remain a
place characterized by professionalism and productivity. You
have been given the privilege to work at home and abusing this
privilege will end poorly for you.

It is important for you to think of your home office as a place of work. Refrain from wandering around the house and avoid temptation. Your home is full of distractions and it is up to you to remain disciplined. Refer to your home office as your “office.” Do not get casual with the client or let your boss feel as if you are taking your job lightly.

Stay Organized and Create Ample Storage Space
Make sure there is closet space or drawers for all your work supplies. You will need
space to store your supplies, technology tools and paperwork.
Consider keeping organized filing cabinets.

Keeping records in an orderly fashion will prevent problems with
your boss and allow you to account for all the work you have done.
Being organized is key when working from home. Staying organized
will increase productivity and make your life a whole lot easier.

Creating a productive home office is not hard to do. Remember to treat your
home office as an office until your work day is done. Remain disciplined and
avoid the many temptations around your house. Prove you are trustworthy
and use this chance to increase your productivity.

Create a comfortable, work-conducive
environment. A work at
home program done right can be
extremely beneficial to both you and
your company. Follow these
simple steps and be sure your home
office is set up to be a success!

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